The Eritrean Diaspora has been volunteering in Eritrea ever since it became an independent nation. Diaspora have continuously come to Eritrea with a willingness to contribute to their nations’ development. When they arrive they enter different Ministries, Organizations, Associations, and Sport Federations. The importance of the contributions that Eritrean living abroad provides for their nation is of the utmost importance. The skilled manpower and the empowered youth that come to Eritrea help boost the sectors that they have volunteered in. In Eritrea volunteering consists of either directly working or interning/shadowing in the sector you are interested in. Another take away when it comes to youth volunteering in Eritrea is that they are taking in their motherlands society and culture, which will help them understand their national identity on a more genuine level.

If you wish to get a better understanding of the volunteering opportunities within Eritrea’s different Ministries, Organizations, Associations, and Sports Federations then click on the link below which will take you to their respective pages where you will find each of their descriptions, and listings of areas where you can come and volunteer in.

Diaspora who wish to volunteer must first prepare and send via email the following paperwork at least a month prior to their arrival in Eritrea to the NUEYS Department of Foreign Affairs.

  • Letter of Intent: Introducing yourself, your reasons for volunteering, and where you wish to volunteer.
  • CV/ Resume: These show that you are qualified to volunteer in the sector you wish to enter.
  • Recommendation Letter: from the Eritrean Embassy in your residing nation.

                                            The minimum duration in which Diaspora can serve is 3 months.


If you have any questions, contact the NUEYS Department of Foreign Affairs: