NUEYS is one of the places in Eritrea where you will be able to find a lot of different historically and culturally linked events. Diaspora always come to NUEYS when they are looking for something enjoyable and enlightening to do during their stay in Eritrea. In response NUEYS prepares various types of events such as:

  • Zura N’Hagerka: is a tour around the nation, showing you some of Eritrea’s most intriguing cultural & historical sites.
  • Community Events: consists of various different activities based around the theme of giving back to our communities.
  • Museum Tours: of different museums in Eritrea, such as The National Museum of Eritrea, The National Tank Museum of Eritrea, and others.
  • Blood bank events: This is a noble cause, where one can donate blood which will later be used to save the life of someone in need.
  • And many other events.

Recommendations of events from the diaspora are also welcome.


If you wish to attend these events, please Contact the NUEYS Department of Foreign Affairs through your local Eritrean embassy prior to your arrival to Eritrea.