Asmara had rolling Fiat rides though its roads a century ago!

Giovanni Agnelli founded F.I.A.T. in 1899 and led the company until his death in 1945. In 1903, Fiat produced its first truck. In 1908, the first Fiat was exported to…

መጽሔት መንእሰይ ቁ.62

Menesey NO.62  ብዝተፈላለያ ቋንቋታት ዝተዳለዋ መጽሔታት ማሕበር ናይ ዓመተ 2019  

መጽሔት መንእሰይ ቁ.61

Menesey 61

መጽሔት መንእሰይ ቁ.61

Menesey 61


As a news correspondent, I have travelled on many occasions to my insides. Such occasions include fierce wars such as the war between fear and courage, the war between knowledge…

As Young bear grows…….

Most of happenings, the environment determines a creature’s actuality. Mother Nature creatures flicker contempt toward obstacles, non-doubtable. In a sense no being tends to feel affection toward difficulty but abandonment,…

Social essence of Eritrea’s youth

Youngsters and their subjects have been attracted somehow valued attentions at both national and international discourses. Dozens of commentaries have been opined on youth’s attitudes, youth’s social status and responsibility…

መጽሔት መንእሰይ ቁ.60

Menesey 60  


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A Friday with the Red Flowers of Adi Quala – 13/10/2017

By Micol Berhe I’m not an early riser and I’m most of the time not punctual per say, but this morning I had every interest in being on time. We…