8th Eri-Youth Festival 12-15 July 2018, Sawa

“Youth, the vigor of Sustainable Development!”

What is the Eri-Youth Festival?

The Eri-Youth Festival, which is held in Sawa every two years, is a celebration of Eritrean youth! It celebrates their many achievements and the valuable role Eritrean youth play in nation building, development, and in preserving national unity and sovereignty.

How is the Eri-Youth Festival Organized?

In order for the festival to be youth centered, all activities are arranged for and by young people. NUEYS, in close cooperation with the Sawa Training Center, organizes this spectacular event. NUEYS’ offices all over the country actively participate in the planning, organizing and implementation of the festival, ensuring the equal representation of all administrative zones and sub-zones. NUEYS’ branches and the Eritrean youth organization abroad (YPFDJ), as well as the other Eritrean organs in Diaspora are also invited to contribute to the success of the festival in order to make it a huge celebration or Eritrean youth solidarity all over the world!

Activities Included within the Basic Framework of the Festival

  1. Exhibitions
  2. Youth village (Seven NUEYS zobas and Diaspora activities)
  3. Youth innovation and IT Exhibition
  4. Corner of exhibition of NUEYS 40 years service
  5. Seminars, Panel discussions and Paper presentations
  6. Soira, Sawa & Other Awards
  7. Modern and Traditional Sports
  8. Cultural shows
  9. Traditional Cultural performances
  10. Modern Cultural performances
  11. Traditional fashion show
  12. Competitions
  13. Other activities

Registration; In Asmara (for the Festival and Zura N’Hagerka Tour Program) •

25 June – 08July @ NUEYS Central office;

Monday to Friday: 8:00 AM – 12:00 PM and 2;00PM- 6:00 PM

Bring your Passport and Eritrean ID ( if available)

Registration fee: it covers the transportation expense, food (Breakfast and Lunch) and portable water during the trips days to and from Asmara and Sawa .

Festival Program and Activities

10th July – Tuesday 

Extra info and bus details will be posted @ NUEYS Central Office

11th July – Wednesday 

Trip to Sawa, approximately 8hours long

Transportation will be with HARAT buses ( 54ppl/bus)

On the way to Sawa, we will have stopovers for Breakfast and Lunch

12th July – Thursday 

Program activities will be posted or informed in Sawa

13th July – Friday 

Festival Opening Ceremony: @ Sawa stage ; 5:00am buses will be ready in the vicinity of the sleeping quarters

  • Bazaar will be opened right after the Opening ceremony finishes @ the Bazaar Area
  • Sports activity @ sports field
  • Research papers @ bazaar hall
  • Cultural shows @ Bazaar Area
  • Seminar @ to be arranged
  • Sawa & Other Awards @ to be arranged
  • Camp Fire

14th July – Saturday 

  • Continuation of Bazaar activities
  • Sports activity @ sports field
  • Research papers @ Bazaar Hall
  • Cultural shows@ Bazaar Area
  • Camp fire

15th July – Sunday 

  • Continuation of Bazaar activities
  • Sports activity @ sports field
  • Research papers @ Bazaar hall
  • Cultural shows@ Bazaar Area
  • Closing ceremony:@ Sawa stage , buses will be ready in the vicinity of the sleeping quarters

16th July – Monday 

  • Break Fast 6:00AM – 8:00 AM @ Vicinity of the sleeping quarters
  • Departure to Asmara at 8:00 AM @ Vicinity of the sleeping quarters


Festival Park, accommodations

The festival will take place at the Warsay-Yekealo school in Sawa.

Accommodations arrangement will be in Halls, which accommodate 114ppl each.

The temperature in Sawa is hot during the day and cold in the evening

Water pipelines will be available in sleeping quarters.

You have to purchase food and drinking water. Restaurants will be available in the sleeping quarters and Bazaar Area. Price lists will be posted inside each restaurant, so those who are charged more should report to the festival committee.

An information center will be available in the sleeping quarters and bazaar area.

Festival Committee will have an office in the bazaar area.

Separate lavatories will be made available for ladies and gents. Toilets and showers should be kept clean.  Health Stations are available in the sleeping quarters and Bazaar Area.

What to bring to Sawa 

  • Bug repellant and Medications
  • Bed sheets
  • Flash light
  • Eri Youth Festival T-shirt
  • Toilet paper
  • Proper attire (shorts, hat, T-shirts & sandals/Shida (Kongo)

Rules, Regulations and Security

    What not to bring

  • Alcoholic beverages
  • Weapons
  • Unnecessary electronics/valuables
  • Large luggage’s
  • Heavy clothing

Rules and regulations

  1. Attendees are required to participate fully in the festival’s respective programs, seminars, and discussions.
  2. Identification badges must be carried or worn at all times. Badges must be shown upon request by festival organizers and local hosts.
  3. Physical or verbal abuse toward other campers or festival staff will not be tolerated.
  4. As illegal weapons are strictly prohibited nationwide; weapons of any kind are NOT allowed within the Sawa dorms or festival grounds.
  5. Personal belongings are the responsibility of the participant. Do not bring unnecessary valuables, e.g. jewelry. Also, do not leave any personal belongings in the rooms. Festival organizers cannot take responsibility for any lost, stolen or damaged property.
  6. Unauthorized removal of or deliberate damage to any Sawa equipment, property or supplies, as well as theft, shall result in the offender’s immediate removal from the camp and possible reimbursement for damaged equipment.
  7. Noise levels shall be kept to a minimum. Any activities creating excessive noise in the vicinity of the sleeping quarters are forbidden.
  8. At night there will be security officers patrolling the area, so overnight visitations by participants to rooms of the opposite sex are strictly FORBIDDEN. Proper attire must be worn at all times.
  9. All participants must remain in the areas strictly designated for the Sawa Festival.



8th festival

Foreign relation committee

 Click Here to see the 8th Eri-Youth Festival 2018, Info Pack.

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