Victory to the masses

“Victory to the masses” is the last breath our martyrs exhale, before they settle in peace on the loving heart of the masses. Every moment we breathe, the spirit of harmony, truth, unity and equality glow on the heart of the masses. Unity, equality, resilience, tolerance, voluntarism, nationalism and others as national norms and values carries the masses to victory; while peace, justice, development and prosperity grow well in return.

“Victory to the masses” took centuries of generational sacrifices to rule over others. It was cultivated since the resistance against the looting and raids of Tigray and Amhara war lords and born in the struggle for independence. The period of zonal command and its’ ruinous effects was its greatest lesson.

In January 1977, the EPLF gave birth to the “victory of the masses”, to direct the war of liberation and realize independence. In 1979 to strengthen the tie of the revolution with the masses as well as level up the spirit of the revolution, a radio station named “Voice of the masses” was established. Due to the growing influence of the revolution, enemies executed multi-dimensional campaigns to once and for all extinguish the torch of our freedom.

“Unity” is the source of “victory to the masses”. The tolerance among diversities ensured our unity and victory in the war of liberation and process of nation building. Our unity goes far to our land and sea, the reason behind enemies’ plot of multi-scorch earth campaigns.

“Victory to the masses” got its independence on May 24, 1993 and conducted a referendum in April 1993. The referendum wasn’t a hesitation on our victory, but a means to tackle any miss-interpretations or distortions on the fact of people’s will and struggle for independence.

Today “victory to the masses” is marching towards the vision that are outlined in our national charter, “Our vision is for Eritrea to become a country where peace, justice, democracy and prosperity prevail. Our vision is to eliminate hunger, poverty and illiteracy from Eritrea. Our vision is for Eritrea to preserve its identity and uniqueness, develop commitment to family and community care, and by advancing economically, educationally and technologically, find itself among the developed countries. Our vision is for Eritrean society to be known for harmony among its different sectors, gender equality, love of country, humanity, discipline, hard work and love for knowledge, respect for law and order, independence and inventiveness. Our vision is to perform miracles in peaceful nation-building as we did .in the war of liberation.”

Our values and norms don’t allow us to open our hands for aids, they just instruct us to self-reliantly work on our own. Enemies strive to kneel us down, intensively working to cease the breath of “victory to the masses”. All those hostilities turned in to ashes by the spirit of “victory to the masses”.

Thinking an individual can survive apart from the masses is so naïve. Since there is no ocean that can float over the sky and there is no fish that can survive out of a sea. Everything is integrated naturally, nothing can exist alone. “As Aristotle expressed “Man is essentially a social animal by nature”. He can’t live out of its society, if he does so; he is either beast or God. Man has to live in society for his existence and welfare. In almost all aspect of his life he feels the need of society. Biologically and psychologically he is compelled to live in society.” (Hossain, F.M.A. and Ali, Md.K፡2014).

Personal success can’t be achieved exempting people’s victory. An individual is like a single fish, while mass is like an ocean. If a fish can’t survive out of a water, an individual can’t grow out of masses. Therefore, for the matter of survival and personal achievements, every individual has to digest and internalize our national norms and values.

In conclusion “victory to the masses” is our breath, which was built by the last breath of our martyrs. Its journey is far, its value is expensive and its victory is inevitable. Therefore, to ensure the flow of our victories, we all have to get conscious, organized and equipped, so as to build a prosperous nation.

Written by Kidane Shimendi

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