Creativity, Innovation, and Substance

Art, which may broadly be defined as a visual object or experience that is consciously created through an expression of skill or imagination, is multifaceted and it often serves as a powerful reflection of our innermost emotions and the world around us. According to a large body of literature and research work from around the world, art, in its various and numerous forms and guises, is and has been practiced and produced by almost all human cultures. Indeed, it is often regarded as one of the unique and defining characteristics of the human species.


A variety of factors make art important. Not only does it serve to act as a collective memory for individuals, groups, and societies, it imbues them with a unique or special identity. Art also holds immense value for its contributions toward shaping a healthy society and bringing disparate individuals, groups, and communities closer together to form a cohesive, productive society. Furthermore, as explained by Aleksandra Sherman and Clair Morrissey, a pair of respected scholars, “Scientists, humanists, and art lovers alike value art not just for its beauty, but also for its social and epistemic importance; that is, for its communicative nature, its capacity to increase one’s self-knowledge and encourage personal growth, and its ability to challenge our schemas and preconceptions.”


Within Eritrea, art holds a special place in society, with some of the most prolific artists in the country continuing to be young men and women. Their deep passion, boundless energy, innovations, and fresh ideas have contributed to a long, mighty stream of creative works and production over the years.


As with decades gone by, the country’s eloquent, immensely talented young writers, singers, musicians, and poets, both male and female, tell our shared stories and honor our heritage. They also defend the country’s pride, inspire us, and bolster our collective morale and confidence. During our various celebratory gatherings – be they weddings, graduations, birthdays, or the broad collection of national holidays and special occasions – Eritrea’s young artists grace us with their powerful lyrics and stirring melodies, while stoking our deepest stores of happiness or encouraging our innermost emotions to rise to the surface.


In a similar fashion, our young painters and photographers, have offered us a plethora of poignant, awe-inspiring images and captured countless breathtaking, unforgettable pictures. Indeed, the products of their efforts – the pictures, images, scenes, drawings, and depictions that we imbibe – are worth innumerable thousands of words and impact us, sometimes deeply and powerfully.

Today, each in their own way, Eritrea’s young people – serving proudly as doctor, nurses, teachers, engineers, or in other roles – are contributing to nation-building and driving the country’s development. Talented artists, too, are playing a vital role and positively touching our lives. Not only is it important to recognize their immense talent and contribution, but also support and encourage them to reach new heights.

Written by Dr. Fikrejesus Amahazion

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