The National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students conducts its annual evaluation of 2023

NUEYS 2023 Evaluation

On the 4th and 5th of January 2024, NUEYS conducted its evaluation of the past year in Asmara. The annual evaluation conducted on a national level included all NUEYS branches encompassing all seven administrative zones including Sawa and higher institutions, the five departments of the head office, selected sub zones from each administrative zone for their high achievements in the activities conducted within the past year as well as the Eritrean Social Marketing Group (ESMG). After each body presented their reports, through Q&A session extensive discussions were conducted.

In the broad discussions conducted, a general understanding was reached on the importance of peer influence as a measure of solving issues of discipline and vision within youth; therefore, emphasis should be placed on the importance of working on and empowering the active (core) members of the union. Additionally, agreement was reached on gearing the strength of the unions activities towards working hard on empowering the executive body of the union. Other important points discussed in need of attention were the securing of ethnic diversity within union members, increased inclusion of women on leadership levels, empowering elderly/wise (Shimagle) friends of youth as well as empowerment of the organizational branch of youth employees.

The evaluation was ended in the form of raising various discussion questions that depict the obstacles and advantages of the union. On the basis of the questions raised, broad debates and discussions were conducted on the current situation of youth, the population and youth and education.

In the concluding speech given at the end by the chairman of NUEYS, Mr. Salih Ahmedin, he stated that the year of 2023 was a year in which there was a great improvement in the unions contribution. He continued by expressing the unions readiness to use the cohesive energy of the previous year as a platform to jump start its activities planned for 2024 in raising consciousness, organization and equipping youth; and to work with increased productivity, increased spirit and diligence. He further stated that the first and main priority of the union in 2024 will be in the increased participation of students in invention and innovation. Towards the end of his speech, Mr. Salih passed on his recommendation that every member (worker) of the union, when carrying out an activity should know why he/she is conducting the activity, what the expected outcome of the activity is and how the activity can be measured.

The department of regional follow up elaborated that this annual evaluation was a continuation of the extensive evaluations conducted every 3 and 6 months on a national basis. Furthermore, the unions administrative zones conducted profound evaluations on their respective sub zones; whilst on the 28/12/2023, the head office conducted an extensive evaluation of its divisions.


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