“Give blood and keep the world beating”

The Eritrean national blood bank has provided a chance of life for multiple people across the country. Giving blood is one of the most important contribution one could give towards the community. Since the goal of the Eritrean Youth of the Fourth Front (EYFF) events is to give back to the community, the Eritrean blood bank seemed like a great opportunity for the next event to gather some members and part take in donating blood.

So the EYFF with a gathered amount of members decided to go and donate blood under the slogan “Give blood and keep the world beating”. The event was on the 24th of July and the group met at the blood bank around 4pm. They were welcomed with open arms by the staff who gave them an introduction on the history of the blood bank and their procedures. They educated the group on the benefits of donating blood and answered all the inquires the group had about where and whom the blood would help.

The first step of donating blood is getting checked to see if you are eligible and healthy enough. Some of the things they check to see if you are fit is, your iron deficiency, blood pressure and any medical history that could have an effect on the receiver and donor. After being checked you will be cleared to give blood and the amount of blood a person donates is 500ml. Once the donor has donated the blood they are required to lay down and rest. After they are rested they are provided with drinks and snacks.

The EYYF with its members was very much pleased with the hospitality of the blood bank. All the staff where supportive and patient with our members, easing all their worries and doubts. The group had a positive and fun experience whilst also contributing within their capability. All in all, it was another successful event organized and constructed by the EYFF.


Batsieba Berhane

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