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NUEYS has recently been undergoing changes to its website in the past few months. This is a  project that began under the partnership of Eritrean diaspora youth who had come to volunteer and youth employees in the organization. The plan was to renew the websites design and content since the website hadn’t been renewed in quite some time. The focus of this article is on the revitalization of content portion of the website.

The first part of the content renewal was the updating of categories and pages. Some new categories that have been created are the Diaspora and Others categories. Some new pages are the volunteering and other events pages with their subpages. The main page that has been reshaped is the about us page.


New Categories

Diaspora is a new category that has been made to hold information and content specifically for our diaspora youth. The first of its pages is the volunteering page (which will be described in further detail below). Second, is Diaspora Interviews, which are articles of interviews that have been taken with exemplary Eritrean Diaspora Youth. Third, Other Events (this will also be explained below). The fourth is Things to Know which are aimed at people who don’t necessarily know what to bring to Eritrea, this page will explain the main necessities that are usually in popular demand.

The Others category is also a first. It holds our articles page, where most of our articles can be found. Second, is our Interviews page (which is different to our diaspora interviews) which has articles of interviews that have been made with locals in specific. Third, is NUEYS Magazines which holds all of our organizations magazines and each time a new edition comes out, they are posted in this section.


New Pages

Volunteering is a brand new and highly anticipated page. It holds information on the NUEYS Volunteering Program and everything you need to know before coming to volunteer in Eritrea. This page is aimed at making the facts that Eritrean youth abroad need to know about volunteering more accessible. And that’s not all this page has to offer, there is a subpage that goes alongside it called Ministries, this page has information collected from various ministries describing the positions they have available for youth to come and volunteer in. The reasoning behind the creation of this page is so that the youth that want to come and volunteer can see volunteer positions that are open beforehand and get an idea of where they want to be placed before their arrival.

Our new Other Events page is another one we believe Eritreans abroad will find attractive. This page describes the multiple different events NUEYS hosts for our citizens that live overseas when they are here at home. It also explains what to do if you want to schedule, suggest, or have any questions on any events.


Reshaping of Pages

Our main page that has had the biggest reshaping is the organizations About Us page. In the past this page has been on the website, but now it has been recreated. This page describes the basic information you must know about NUEYS. It explains the organizations background starting from its origin to present day. It also illuminates NUEYS Mission, Values, Goals, Aims & Objectives, Strategies, and Approach. All of this information combined intends to give the reader a clearer understanding of NUEYS and what the organization is about.

This project of updating the website is still a work in progress. Though there has been quite a bit of changes that have been made to the website, it still has a long ways to go. There will be continuous adjustments to the website for the immediate future, not just to the English version of the website, all the information will be translated and put on the Tigrinya and Arabic websites as well.  Once this project is finished we will write an article describing the full ins and outs of the changes. For now we hope you, our readers, are satisfied with the alterations that have been made. If there are any suggestions, feel free to comment and we’ll do our best to take it all in and create the best website for this organization.





Written By: Raey Berhane


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