EYFF getting their hands dirty

This past weekend the new group within NUEYS created by the diaspora, for the diaspora, called the Eritrean Youth of the Fourth Front (EYFF) planned and took part in another event. This event took them to Biet Gergish (a little bit outside of Asmara) where they would participate in a tree planting mini project. This event is one that has two parts which have been planned for two separate days. The event that took place last weekend was the first half of the planned mini tree-planting project.

On the morning of Saturday the 29th of April the EYFF met up at Bahti Meskerem (near the center of Asmara) and went to Biet Gergish together. Once they had arrived representatives of NUEYS central region who were awaiting them welcomed them, gave the group the needed equipment (pickaxes & shovels) and showed them to the area they were going to be working at.


The area the group was taken to was up on a hillock. The land there has been divided to multiple different ministries, associations, organizations, etc. Each governmental facility has been given the responsibility of making the place as clean & green as possible. By doing this it helps in developing the nations land into a greener and more environmentally friendly place. This is done by dividing it up and assigning it to different parties in order for there to be a swifter and wider affect in a more organized manner.

As was noted before, this was part 1 of the two part event. Part 1 was entirely focused on digging up the holes that would later be used to plant the trees. So the group spent the morning digging up numerous holes. Though the group was completely diaspora centered, the group didn’t have much trouble in getting the hang of using the tools. After they were done, the group took a moment to take in the lovely scenery and of course take some picture alongside it.


In addition to this event, the week before last, the group had another event that was a bit more centered on the relaxing/entertaining side. The group went to a restaurant called Pyramid and had a very nice dinner. This was an event where group members were able to just unwind, enjoy the positive vibes and get to know their fellow group members on a closer level.

A fact the needs to be acknowledged about these events and even the ones before these, is how these events have been able to strengthen the bonds and friendships within the group. When the youth come together to get their hands dirty or just have a good time their chemistry strengthen and the relationships they create within the group carry on outside of the group as well. That is what the aim of EYFF has been from the beginning, bringing the Eritrean diaspora youth together so that they can create beautiful bonds in and outside of the group which ultimately makes their experience in Eritrea so much sweeter.

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