Zura N’Hagerka This Summer!!!

Summertime is around the corner, and for most people around the globe that means it’s time to take a beat from the usual year round repetitive cycles we call our lives. Usually starting from around mid-may until September most people around the world use this time to take a break from their habitual sequences of education or work. This means taking a step back and either doing something relaxing or doing something new and taking in fresh experiences.

This time of year is always exciting for Eritreans diaspora coming back home. From the beginning of May until September there is always an extremely high influx of Eritreans living abroad who come back home to relax, see their families and have a good time.. On the other hand Eritreans living here at home wait eagerly for the arrival of their loved ones who they most likely haven’t seen in many months or years. This time of year is very emotionally immersed, but one thing is for sure, most if not all are looking to create beautiful memories.

For the past years NUEYS has been continuously planning a program called “Zura N’Hagerka.” This program is one that is planned specifically for the diaspora. Every year whenever groups of diaspora come looking to take part in a tour of Eritrea, NUEYS plans this event that takes them around different touristic attractions in Eritrea.


Zura N’Hagerka is mainly about exposing Eritrean nationals living abroad to the numerous cultural and historical treasures their nation has to offer. In the past NUEYS through the Zura N’Hagerka program has taken Eritrean Diaspora all over the nation to cities such as Adi Halo, Badme, Barentu, Sawa, Massawa, Adulis and so many more places.


This event is a big chance for youth to see highly anticipated cultural and historical sites with their fellow diaspora. The experiences and insight one receives on these trips should not be taken lightly. When a youth, or anyone for that matter gets to witness, in the flesh, the monuments, artifacts, sites, etc. that one would usually only get the chance to see in books or photos, it produces emotional and intellectual attachments to our nation on an unequivocal level.

The memories made during these adventures carry on resonating in the person’s heart, not just while they’re in Eritrea, but even when they return to their residing nations. The places they visit are reminders of what a beautiful treasure of a country they have the privilege to be from, and how that country is the very one waiting on them and all Eritreans living around the globe to join the uphill battle for its development.

So if you and/or any other Eritrean diaspora feel intrigued by this program, then once you have arrived in Eritrea, we invite you to come to NUEYS and take part in our Zura N’Hagerka program. For more information on how to sign up for Zura N’Hagerka while you are still abroad, go to our Other Events page where there will be more information on how to proceed.



Written By: Raey Berhane

6 thoughts on “Zura N’Hagerka This Summer!!!

    1. Hi!!
      Thanks for your response
      So there is no official date out yet for Zura N Hagerka. But you are welcome to forwards you interest to our office in Eritrea, Asmera too be updated on the trip.

      Sincerely NUEYS !!!

  1. this is excellent and many thanks for the information. I would also like to know the following:
    1. what age group of young people can participate?
    2. where does registration tale place?
    3. what are the packages and time frames? (e.g. I can only travel later half of August)
    4. I don’t live in the US, so how can I join?

    thank your response in advance🙏

    1. Hi !!
      Thank you for your response.
      There is no age limit, just have in mind that the travel might be stressful for a toddler. But we have had teenagers traveling with us previously. So the registration will take place through your embassy. They will further advise you of details regarding the travel. You are also welcome to ask questions directly to our office at nueys.eritrea@gmail.com.

      Don’t forget to visit our website for more information https://eriyouth.org/other-events/
      Facebook : Nueys Nueys
      Twitter : NUEYS

      Sincerely NUEYS !!!

  2. Hi,

    Thus us great to read but I don’t know if this was advertised or known that east. I have seen this type of pictures before and when we were in Eritrea last summer, I couldn’t find any information anywhere. I visited the information center in downtown across cathedrals and they have no clue what I was talking about. They told me you should have arranged in the Eritrean embassy and I asked if they have any booklet, they gave me from the 90s.

    Same here, just nice article but there is no link for registration, who to contact, how much it cost to show how you suppose to “Zur Hagerka”.

    Let’s get series.

    1. Hi!!
      Thank you for you respond. All information needed is on our website nueys.org, on the website click diaspora and then other events. You will find the information you need there if not contact us again so we can assist you. A couple of days ago we also posted the information on our social media platforms, exactly were on the website to find the information. You can also visit our Twitter “NUEYS” page, Facebook “Nueys Nueys”.

      Link : https://eriyouth.org/other-events/
      Sincerely NUEYS !!!

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