Providing a platform for Eritrean youth to express their creativity

NUEYS & partners open a National Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub (NYIEH) in Eritrea

A special gift, most, if not all Eritreans possess is the ability to think outside of the box. This is not a new phenomenon; this ability has always been embedded in our society since its earliest days. Not just in the scientific/innovative sector but simply in our regular lives. The ability to create whatever they need from the simplest materials found in their surrounding areas has proved to be a very useful skill to have when in situations of little resource. As our Eritrean youth grow up in these environments they develop the ability to create and develop out of the minimum resources they have.

In order to get the most out of this ability, NUEYS along with its partners has open up a “National Youth Innovation and Entrepreneurship Hub (NYIEH)” in Eritrea. The main objective of the NYIEH is to produce an innovative youth engagement platform. One of the aims of this hub is to establish a platform where youth can have a space to create and showcase their ideas that help ease burdens in everyday social issues. Objectives of the Hub are:

  • Increasing the youth innovative/invention capacity towards the national priorities.
  • Supporting innovative/creative ideas and initiatives the provide solution in the community.
  • Create job opportunities and financial security through youth enterprises.
  • Strengthening the youth contribution to the developmental programs of the nation

This will provide youth with a chance to showcase their creative and critical thinking skills. Understanding and managing innovations can help to leap-frog to a higher level of development. Establishing NYIEH, the first official incubator in Eritrea, will provide a co-creation platform opportunity for innovators to develop new products, processes or services. It will help young Eritreans share their innovative ideas. Mentoring and nurturing innovators at the NYIEH will assist in creating jobs and contribute to the socio-economic development of Eritrea.

There have already been Eritreans in the communities who have been creating innovative ideas. In upcoming articles we will put spotlights on these youth. The creation of this hub will not only benefit these youth but will also benefit the Eritrean community as it will help soften the burdens of various socio-economic issues.




Written By: Raey Berhane

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