A Beautiful Eid

This weekend, starting from Friday the 21st, began the holy Muslim holiday of Eid. It was a beautiful ending to Ramadan that had been taking place for the past two weeks. Eid was celebrated in nations all over the world this weekend; Eritrea being among those nations also partook in the festivities.


As many corners of the country began celebrating the day in their own ways, the main event that stuck out was the prayer session that took place during the morning hours of the day at Bahti Meskerem. Many Muslims came together to pray about the ending of Ramadan and the beginning of Eid. This was an extremely mesmerizing sight as people were seen filling up all of the very vast area of Bahti Meskerem and even spilling over into the neighboring streets. Whole families had come to participate in the event. Little boys and young men were seen praying next to their fathers and little girls and young women were also seen praying next to their mothers.


After the prayer event had been completed, the real festivities began. Families went home with friends and other family members. Youth were seen going with their friends to cafés to celebrate and enjoy the holidays. In particular it was nice to see children walking around with their siblings and parents to go and get some ice cream or go to their favorite restaurants. The rest of the weekend friends and family members of both religions would spend the next couple of days visiting each other and enjoy the company of one another.

The biggest fact that should be acknowledged is the strong unity between the Eritrean people, not despite their religious differences in an tolerant manner, but quite the opposite, the people of Eritrea from time ago have always embraced their differences as a source of diversity and cultural treasure.  This is exactly what was seen in Eritrea during these holidays. In this nation, Muslims and Christians alike celebrate all holidays, religious and nonreligious, as one.

This is a key message that must be instilled in all of our youth, because as our futures, if they are to thrive as one and raise Eritrea to undreamt of heights then they must first understand that they way to do that is as one. The success recipe to doing that is embracing each other’s differences, fighting our challenges as one, and celebrating each of our triumphs as one, because one Eritreans success is a success for all Eritreans.



Written By: Raey Berhane

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