“For The Kids”

In our previous article we introduced a new group that has been created in NUEYS for the diaspora called the “Eritrean Youth of the Fourth Front” (EYFF). In the group’s first ever meeting they decided that they wanted to have their first ever event to be a community service event at the orphanage in Asmara.

Committing to something that would have a positive impact in improving the environment of the orphanage for the children who live there seemed like a great inaugural event for the group. After opening talks with the orphanage, they seem willing to host the EYFF. Once the thumbs up had been given by the orphanage the group went prepared to do their part for the kids.



The specific type of community service that had been assigned to the group once they arrived to the orphanage was starting the beautification process of the orphans playground and area. The members of the group seemed like naturals when given pickaxes and shovels to begin the first part of their assignments. Even in the second half of the day the group used scythes too without hesitation. The directors of the orphanage were very appreciative at the smooth adaptation of the diaspora to the physical labor they were not used to using on a regular basis and their willingness to get their hands dirty.

These events were planned with the dual purposes of creating moments of deeper bonding and using the capacity of the group to make a difference in the community. While this event was going on you could really tell that the group grew closer together. Also the effect the community service had on helping the orphanage become a better place for the kids was a huge plus.




At the end of the event, the Orphanage employees invited the EYFF to a small brunch where they expressed their deep appreciation for the efforts of the group. They also explained how they would love the idea of the EYFF coming back and do more good. The group, after introducing themselves, described how fulfilled they felt and how they also felt that coming back would be a great idea.


This was the group’s first ever event. There will be more articles on the next EYFFs upcoming events. Stay tuned if you want to read more about where the group will go next.


Written by Raey Berhane

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