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Education is a sector that is highly valued in Eritrea. During Fenkil in Massawa the value of education is clear, and the sight of the youth elevating in their fields is the fruit of the people and the governments labor. Simon Berhe is a perfect example of a great student with a bright future. He is Ambitious and professional. During Fenkil I met Simon while he was giving a tour of his station. This was the first time that Simon and his School were presenting their chemistry centered projects..




Q: Before we start why don’t you tell us a bit about yourself:  My name is Simon Berhe and I am 17 years old, I was born in Mendefera but grew up in Massawa. I went to elementary school at Kdsti Hanna, and now I’m in Ngdet where I finished middle school and am finishing up 11th grade.


Q: Is this your first time here in Fenkil as a student: Yes, the event organizers chose to use students from the local towns to present their work and I happened to attend one of the schools in the area.


Q: Tell us about your presentation here at Fenkil: Well in my presentation I have mainly focused on Chemistry, because before we started our assignment I had some knowledge on the subject. So during Fenkil I decided to share my knowledge of the subject through my presentations to the visitors.  In my station I am presenting electroplating which is what the leading industrial nations are using nowadays. We hope to understand this on a deeper level so that we can have the capabilities to use the technology here in Eritrea.


Q: What made you chose Chemistry of all the subjects: Well originally, physics and biology were the main subjects that really grasped my attention. At that time, although I did study it, I didn’t really understand chemistry. It was when the older students and my teacher presented their work in chemistry that the subject really got my attention. Also, outside of school, my biggest inspiration is my uncle who finished in the pharmaceutical sector, where he even went to China and USA to further study on scholarship.


Q: Tells us about electroplating : Electro plating is used to create a new metal by combining other metals. You use the first metal and to cover it up with a different metal on top. Aluminum is considered to have low conductivity, and metal and copper is considered to have high level conductivity of metal. If we have a shortage of cooper and we have a high amount of aluminum we can with the technology of electroplating cover the copper with aluminum. The word electroplating refers to the usage of electrics to create plates of different materials. What happens when we apply electrics is that it creates the covered material on top and underneath it. This technology is used to create objects such as kitchen tools, because it doesn’t rust and because its aluminum it doesn’t break as well.




Q: How do you feel about the impact of the presentations you’re giving to the people here: Our presentations here today will have an impact on the changes that will come tomorrow. I hope electroplating will have significant changes in our societies in the near future.



Q: How do you feel about Fenkil and to see our people gathered like this : The Operation of Fenkil represents our fathers and mothers who laid their lives for us to be here. But today the reason for their sacrifice becomes clear.  There are kids who have lost their parents in the victorious battle of Fenkil, and so to be present during Fenkil reminds you that we are fortunate and blessed to experience Fenkil and that it is all thanks to our brave martyrs. I am located here in Massawa  and so every year I get to enjoy Fenkil during this time. Just like in Asmara Expo exhibition we have Fenkil here in Massawa.


Thank you Simon for your time

Written By: Mussie Merhazion

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