Massawa During Fenkil: A Truly Beautiful Experience

Massawa also called Eritrea’s pearl has its own special historical significance that separates it from other cities. The historical event that makes Massawa so unique is the Fenkil operation, which was then known as the “Mission Impossible” which liberated Massawa from the colonial grasp of the Ethiopian Derg. It is also a reminder of the victory and sacrifices of the Eritrean Freedom Fighters within Fenkil and throughout the whole liberation struggle, as well as the hardships and devastations of the innocent civilians of Massawa at the hands of the Ethiopian Derg.

It also a testament to how far the nation has come. Since then, it has continued to defend its sovereignty through the gallant efforts of our defense forces, and it has worked towards building a developed nation through various ways such as producing educated and professional youth. If you are looking to be inspired by youth creativity, Masssawa during Fenkil is the place to be.

As much as Fenkil is a day to commemorate and celebrate our fallen heroes, it is also a day we get to witness the youth the nation has been able to produce, because of the success of Fenkil.  It’s a place where the city of Massawa becomes a platform for the young and prosperous. Annually during Fenkil there are showcase exhibits in different fields that are presented by the youth. There are also Art exhibitions where artists show their pieces which express their way of interpreting Fenkil. cultural and historical performances are held by youth, and different sport events are held around the city.

During summer time in Massawa from June to August when most people are on vacation the sun reaches 35-40 degrees Celsius, at this point the temperature becomes unbearable for most people; when it becomes this hot the people in those cities usually travel to Asmara or other cities to escape the heat. On the contrary, during Fenkil, Massawa is quite comfortable. The sun reaches 25 degrees Celsius, so the ocean is perfect to swim in and walking around the city is very relaxing. The geographical location of Massawa makes it a very popular destination to snorkel and dive, and the untouched richness of the coral reefs are also astonishing to experience.

In previous years the celebrations have always been crowded with tourist from all over the world. Thousands of tourists visit Massawa during Fenkil. You have to book your hotel weeks’ before arriving in Massawa in order to find a hotel because of the sheer number of nationals and foreigners that go to fenkil.

Another familiar face at Fenkil was His Excellency President Isaias Afwerki. During his attendance His Excellency arrived at the Twalet memorial for the annual flower ceremony where he put a wreath of flowers on the memorial in respect to the fallen heroes of Fenkil. After the conclusion of the flower ceremony by the famous tanks, President Isaias Afwerki later that night gave his annual interview.



Gergusom beach

Sport commission and ministry of defense organize Swimming competitions, volleyball, takeboll and badminton competitions from Friday to Sunday


Main event for the festival

Kids ages 6-12 from 12 different school performed cultural songs, poems, and dances and the winner gets price money. The school attended were Samlina, Cegalet, Fenki, Chekal Amin, entiblowa, didho, grar, keyahat mababa, kotmia,, semhar mual hitzanat, salina mual hitzanat, bidho mual hitzanat


Written By: Mussie Merhazion

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