Adventures Of The Diaspora


In Part 1 & 2 of “Adventures Of The Diaspora” we came to you all with pieces on the events NUEYS had organized on behalf of the Eritreans who had come from New Zealand and Australia. NUEYS planned these events at the request of the diasporas who asked NUEYS to create various different events which would enlighten their youth on various different aspects of Eritrea. This article is the third piece on the adventures these Eritrean diasporas have been taken on during their stay in Eritrea so far.

On this day NUEYS scheduled an event that was based on the spirit of giving back to your community. This event was a Blood Donation event at the Blood Bank of Eritrea. This event was organized at the specific request of the Diasporas. On this day both youth and parents from the groups, which wished to give blood and qualified the age and health requirements, were allowed to give blood.


  After they had given blood the groups were taken to a conference room and were given a short seminar about the Blood Bank of Eritrea and its history, starting from the revolutionary period during the war where the National Blood Bank of Eritrea had been founded, all the way to present day.

They were also taught about the processes of blood donations in Eritrea from when it’s taken from the donor to when it’s given to the patient. They were also lectured on the importance of blood donations in Eritrea and how big a part one blood donation plays in saving a life, and how proud they should be of having made contributions to such a this cause.

Finally at the end of the seminar the Diasporas asked if they could all be registered as members of the blood bank. This request was granted with open arms, and so on the day all the present Eritrean Diasporas were registered as members of the National Blood Bank of Eritrea.

Finally the groups thanked NUEYS for their continuous events that were being organized on their behalf, and how much they were looking forward to the upcoming events.




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