NUEYS trains 103 Youth Workers at its Arabic Language School

In a continuation of its efforts to raise the capacity of youth in all aspects, NUEYS has trained 103 youth workers in the Arabic language. At the completion ceremony where NUEYS Chairman, Heads of departments, invited guests and the trainees were present, the director of NUEYS Arabic school Mr. Ahmed Omer Sheik explained the processes of the school since its opening in June of 2020.

According to Mr. Ahmed, the school has developed its own curriculum based on the Eritrean cultures and realities. He also went on to furthermore explain the importance of Arabic as a national language of Eritrea, and its regional significance as a major language within the region.

In concluding its notice Mr. Ahmed, praised the coordinators and teachers of the school, and thanked NUEYS and its beneficiaries for the overall assistance that was given to the operations of the school. Even though the school is currently functioning in Central Region, it is expected to expand its services in all the six regions.

At the completion ceremony the graduating students, in their respective levels, enacted cultural performances, including; drama, poems, stories and songs through which they were able to exhibit the abilities they had developed in acquiring an excellent proficiency of the language in the limited span of time they had been taught.

Speaking at the event, graduating students’ representative Mr. Habtom Gebrehiwet, expressed his congratulations to graduating students and all the actors whom took part. He went on to describe how in these three levels the students had been able to learn everything from introduction with Arabic letters to commendable communication in Arabic, as well reading and writing in the Arabic language. Mr. Habtom also went on to praise the dedication of the students through all the hardships of their work life, and NUEYS and its beneficiaries for creating the platform for these types of activities to take place. Lastly he advised that the needed resources be made ready so that the school could have an even more successful future.

Finally, at the end of the event the graduating students of the three levels received their certificates from NUEYS Chairman Saleh Ahmedin and other associated parties.At the ceremony the students who had begun when this school was first founded were seen graduating level 3 and completing the Arabic school. These students later expressed how they would continue their education by assembling an Arabic club where they would continue to hone their Arabic skills.The school has so far trained more than 210 youth in four batches and it currently continues to teach youth workers in all the three levels.

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