NUEYS Graduated Students in Film Production and Film and Drama Directing

The NUEYS graduated 46 students including 20 females in film production and film and drama directing on 4th, September 2021 after nine months of training.

Speaking at the event, Mr. Salih Ahmedin, head of the NUEYS has explained the objective of the training was to upgrade youth capacity and increase their contribution in their work place. He further noted that enlightening youth is among the main objectives of the organization and to achieve that objective the organization would toil hard. He called on the trainees “these who reached to this graduation should think that this is only a starting point; you have to learn from senior artists so as to contribute your share in development of arts of our country and to reflect the values of our society in a positive way.”

In collaboration with sisterly national organizations- NCEW and NUEW- the NUEYS has been given extensive training since the end of 2020. 598 students were able to benefit from the training organized by the central office in 14 fields and on the regional level 1030 students were and are being trained. According to reports of the organization, out of the 598 students that were trained by the central office, 285 of them were graduated in July 2021.

 At the graduation ceremony, Rodas Solomom, representative of the graduates stated that “we will use this training, provided both in theory and practice, to contribute our share to reflect the values and culture of our society and develop the art of our country.”

During the event, trainees’ participation in campaign and blood donation was explained. In the graduation ceremony short films, monologue and musical drama ‘hans wedi zomo’ all produced by the trainees was featured.

The event was concluded by handed out of certificate to the trainees by higher officials of NUEYS.            

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