Volunteer Youth participate in covid-19 combating activities

According to the latest proclamation issued by the National Task Force for combating the spread of Covid-19, many volunteer youth organized by NUEYS are actively taking part in ensuring social distancing, mass movement controlling and distribution of sanitary materials.

“The youth participate in areas that are recommended by the Ministry of Health; our task is to organize the volunteers and meet every demand we are asked to provide,” said Mr Daniel Iyasu, member of the Covid-19 controlling committee at the NUEYS headquarters.

Since March 2020 different committees at different levels of the Union – from the headquarters to the sub-zobas – were formed to ensure the instructions given by the National Task Force in combating Covid-19 are followed.

“At the moment, about hundred youth organized by NUEYS Central Region are working in the aforementioned areas along with the police and security forces,” said Mr Daniel. “We are ready to organize more volunteers when it is needed. Many youth are also working in hospitals, market areas in ensuring social distancing.”

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