History: the Key of Identity and Youth’s Productivity

Life is full of questions as we are not the creator’s, but the created ones, and  they keep knocking our mind, until we get the right answer of them, as we all experience  in our life’s journey with a significant impact in our present and future socio-economic and political structure of our society.

The socio-economic and political structure as it greatly affected by questions and answers that determine our survival, answering the questions sorts them to be the pillars of social development, especially, questions inquired by youths like us, particularly about our national identity (“who we are”), since our age is an early stage of existence and development with the desire of discovery and strength to transform a society. And to realize this ambition, primarily the question of our national identity has to be secured by referring to the past of our society that is history. History, that defined as the study of the past changes and continuities of a society.

Otherwise, we Eritrean youths will be the backdrop of our society with the practice of robbery, drug dealing and other illegal activity, as it studied by a great psychologist Dr. Jhon W. Santrock in his article the significance of identity to a youth, underlining “youth who successfully cope with these conflicting identities emerge with new sense of self that is both refreshing and acceptable. Those who don’t successfully resolve this identity crisis are confused. That lead to individual withdrawal, isolating themselves from peers and family or they may lose their identity in the crowed

In our Eritrean context, we are fortunate that our history is in our every step and form of written, material, and oral that, we are basically requested to have a careful observation of our surroundings.  For illustration, if we need to study the legacy of Italian colonization, we have architecture, infrastructure, words and others, and while we also wish to travel back to the history of Ethiopian colonization, we can easily question any one that passes by, as it is a recent chapter and our fathers and mothers are the eyewitnesses. This suggests we Eritrean youths who reached the stage of such desire (the desire to be a change in our society) don’t have to worry about the sources of our history to possess the full picture of our national identity, simply, let’s just stand where we are and open our heart to the discovery.

In conclusion, as questions and answers are like the two faces of the same coin, with an impact in our development, every member of our society has to focus in recording, preserving and understanding its past. So as to help us unlock the treasure of history, and be productive to our society having a clear national identity.


Memhir: Kidane Shimendi


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