Your small ‘self’ in the big world

If you did nothing for the world, no one could care about you

Are you reading this article being at home from a book, in an internet café, in your laptop or from your tablet? Where ever you are, just think of your size?

You are living in the earth which is composed of seven continents, huge oceans, more than 6 billion of people, billions of other living and nonliving things. Who cares about your existence? If you suddenly disappears from this world, what does the world lose?


Anyways, this is just to tell you are physical so small when compared with the earth’s materials. But still the good thing is that you are part of the important materials in the world. And if you wonder more, let alone you, the earth itself is a minute material when seen through the whole universe.

Let’s come back to our self and the world. Physically, any human being in the world is almost similar. But internally; that is emotionally, spiritually and/or physically we are totally different. The gadget through which we are reading this article is invented by human beings like ‘us’ but internally ‘different’ from us. So how on earth can ‘we’ be treated the same by the world. If the world is supposed to care about you, definitely you should do ‘something’ to it.

Cristiano Ronaldo’s weekly income is somehow equivalent to the weekly budget of some poor countries. You can say, ‘the world is not fair’ but whether we like it or not, he is more important than some countries in the world. Majority of the world intensely look at his day-to-day movements. I am hundred percent sure that there are countries that cover his stories in their media while still he does not know even their existence. When he quit playing, the whole world will talk about him, but when a president of some very small nations dies it will be once in the media for few minutes.

This example is raised just to tell how you can be ‘large’ in terms of importance while being physically small. It is true that no one can be ‘very important’ immediately. The secret having a real passion to be important. After all, you have to believe you are important. Then, try valued contributions around your surroundings. You don’t need to check your importance there. It is not your business. Your business is just doing important things and your community awards you ‘important person’.

It is in this point of time that the difference in size between you and the world starts to diminish. And as you might know, self-improvement is very pleasant. At this stage it is obvious that relatively many people start caring about you and your movements. If your dreams are still big, you will not feel this rewards. Whereas if you see these small public rewards as big cheers, you will definitely lose your importance.

By Ermias Solomon

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