The better turn of life

Life is the biggest puzzle of all. The more we fill the more the holes appear. Life is never full nor should we expect perfection but satisfaction should be a motive to strive for. No matter how hard we try we could never cover all holes we have but rather embrace them. Life is too short for us to hide or change and although it would’ve been nice we can’t just evolve within a single night. We are not whole but we still live, still love and smile from time to time, may be that is how it should be or may be not but for all I know as each day comes we all have our ways of living it until we eventually reach the finish line. And Just like most riddles life has many turns; some of us might have a few turns and some might have many turns; and some might still be in between. In life each of us are in our own march. we all have our own path to follow and we are led by our own compass. My east might be your west, your north could be my south; and we might meet one another at some point but that doesn’t always mean we should go forward together because we start at different points and most of the time we finish at different points. No one has the right to tell you when to turn or where to turn; that is a privilege given to you and only you.


As humans we are all mortal and sooner or later we will stand face to face with our creator. On each and every tomb there will be two dates written, the date of our birth and our death but neither of these dates define who we are. One day doesn’t define a man because a man’s legacy runs far beyond 24 hours. We are defined by the days that are in between those two dates, our lives achievement. I am sure that you have heard this a thousand times and once again I tell you that ‘Our actions have consequences’. No matter good or bad our action last longer that we could expect. In a thousand years from now our bones will be transformed into dust but still there will be some who will remember us, but how will they remember us? Whether for fame or vain will be determined by our action now including this very moment. Our actions are the pioneers for greater fortunes in the coming generation. Every second we waste in life is far too precious to misplace. For some of us we might think that our life is extensive enough but within a glimpse of an eye it could be over. It is precious and nevertheless delicate. Life might somehow be similar to our exams in class, no matter how long the exam lasts we will still demand for more because we are not always sure of what we have answered. And if we didn’t avoid all our insecurities and doubts life will be shorter than its meant to be. So we should be wise and careful, don’t waste your time. This is not the time to be the better version of yourself but rather the best of what you could be.


No one can put life into exact words because it’s far more complicated than alphabets or a noun; and no one can explain how life feels, we just have to feel it by ourselves. But the greatest thing about life is that it is relevant to of us. We all carry that rhythm of life; we all have that beat in our hearts.


When you feel burdened or exhausted by life just put your hands on your chest; and you would feel your heart struggling to pump blood all over your body, struggling to remain alive. There is no life that isn’t worth living. I am sure that many of us will try all we could to help our brother, sister, parents and even a friend but now I urge you to fight for yourselves. For as long as your heart keeps on beating you shouldn’t stop living. Don’t fail your heart, listen to it. No wonder that doctors listen to the heart, because no matter how old, sick and hopeless we are the heart still believes there is hope, it still keeps on beating it goes on living. “Rest In Peace” the three words that many of us fear of hearing but I always wonder if our hearts are afraid of hearing that; in fact, I think they would love to rest they’ve been doing the hard labor throughout our entire life.


Nobody has lived the perfect life; may be nobody tried or maybe it is not possible but for all I know no one can stop you from trying to live the perfect live; so why not give it a try, why not live a better life. I am not addressing someone who wants to live good but someone who wants better. A better life is not a myth it is as real as you and me. Every day you have the chance to make life better and better but are you willing to gamble for that chance. And since the greatest gifts came in pairs here are two tips toward the better life.


  1.   Embrace your pain

Our pain demands to be felt, sad but true. We can never be who we are destined to be if we keep on seeing only our disabilities, it’s time for us to start considering our abilities. We all have our ups and downs, sorrow and pain; but that’s just the way life works It has been like that since the beginning and it will remain forever more to come. so stop thinking that the world would change instantly, it won’t but you can change.

We all have our own encounters with pain and we know it through different angles but still none can define pain the way it might feel relevant to you, that is because pain is a part of our feeling and we can’t stop feeling, it’s just impossible. A coin has two faces each looking at the opposite direction, each having its own meaning and symbol but united it has a value. Life is similar; maybe that’s why many ancient tribes believed that life is a coin in the hands of their gods, if you have a belief that it is a one-sided route then you have been living in the deepest delusion. Even the glorious rosses have thorns, so it is not a coincidence if you are feeling pain.

our life is not a fairy tale but a legend. It is not written for us but we have the privilege of writing                                                                                 our own story. If You expect to live smiling and have a happy ever after; unfortunately, that is not how life works, even the very nature of our birth. we are born crying and our mothers screaming of pain but do not forget something beautiful is born out of such pain. In the Bible when Samson killed the lion and ate honey from it, he said to the people “something sweet out of the beast” this was a puzzle to all of them, how could something sweet come out of a beast? But eventually something sweet did came out. So, don’t make the same mistakes they did, keep in mind that something sweet will come out from your pain.

Still many of us have the idea that pain is made to hurt us. If pain is a weapon you must not use it to hurt yourself you must learn to wheeled it, start using your disabilities as your armament. Don’t regard pain as your enemy but your ally. Don’t let anyone make you feel unworthy, don’t let any one set the limits for you. Pain is your biggest teacher and at the end of the day the question you should be enquiring is not how much you suffered but how much did you learn?


  1. Success is not a thing but many small things.


When you look in the mirror you would see the person you are but if you look closer you will see some traces of who you were; whether a scar or a dimple something of your past remains with you. Little by little we all change and every day we try something new until eventually the new becomes the usual and the old becomes history. Every time something new emerges we all try to start over rather than investing in what we already are. A house without a roof isn’t a house but it is better than no house at all, we should not undermine what we have because its’ value is far beyond our expectations. A writer once said that we all are different in the same way. Our difference is what makes us special, we are beautiful because we are not the same. Whenever something happens we should stick to what we have and never hesitate to impress the world by who we are because our story matters. We are not just numbers in the world, we are the world. Without you the world would be minus one, you don’t just count as a number you add the number.


Whenever it rains no one expects to find water at a peak of a mountain. No matter how high the mountain elevates the water always flows down to the bottom; and ponds form, lake is found, rivers start at the bottom. You can never find fulfilment in the things you are doing now, you find triumph in things you have already been through and things you actually finished. How many times did you think you can’t go beyond what you are in now? How many times did you think you won’t pass a test? and how many times did you feel broken, hopeless, betrayed or felt like giving up? I’m sure you have no fingers left to count; but how many of those made you fail, none. You being at the very point you are now is the result of countless victories you won, victories we often forget to celebrate. I want to take you back to the times when addition or multiplication was too hard but nowadays we all use addition or multiplication but not as troubled as we used to once. Every time we encounter any hardship whether we win or fail we do gain something. Rain falls in tiny little drops but combined they can form large floods. So, don’t count the rain because you can’t, but measure the flood.


True Success is the combination of small details from both our past and the present, so whenever something hard occurs we should try looking at the solution from the things we gained in the past. I dare you to stop reading this for a second and look at the things around you and find something that is purely whole.                                                                                                                                                               Everything you find has many small components whether a wall, a book and even we humans are the combination of cells. Just as there is no way to build a house with in a minute, there is no short cut for success. The funny thing is that sometimes we confuse success for failure. As a baby before you walked straight on two legs, how many times did you fall. And each time a baby falls, the baby always tries to stand again because he gets so close to standing that he considers falling as success. When playing soccer or any similar game the crowds reaction is similar whether it’s a goal or whether the ball hits the post because the shoot is so close to being a goal that we get the same feeling. Success is a feeling we have as a result of our achievement and we also have that feeling when our failures are on the verge of becoming a great accomplishment. It is better to seek success in failure than to see the failure in success.


So now whenever you look at the mirror you owe yourself a confession. Remind yourself of your success. Every time you stare at yourself in the mirror tell your reflection that you are successful until you believe it. You owe yourself a better life! Better.

By Esrom Michael Jahray

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