As a news correspondent, I have travelled on many occasions to my insides. Such occasions include fierce wars such as the war between fear and courage, the war between knowledge and ignorance and so many others. Iusually take several points into account whenever I prepare exclusive reports on such occasions and even though I strongly focus on the goals and main reasons for such a conflict, I don’t normally overlook other points also such as result of the conflict and casualties.Of all the wars that took place inside me, the most interesting and probably the most peculiar to me was the war between knowledge and ignorance.

From my understanding, this war has been going on for the longest time.I remember visiting it for the first time after I heard some disturbing noises inside me.It was fruitless then though, since I was too young to know the clarity and efficiency of thoughts. Ineither knew the reason nor grasped the main goals of the conflict. The only thing I could remember was that the war was weak and was mostly dominated by the black, giant creature. Now I am back at the war after 13 years and I have seen remarkable changes. I wasn’t bad either; I had my own self generated reasoning criteria for the war.

Inorder to get the full picture of the situation, I was equipped with sophisticated and modernized instruments. The place was fascinating when I first looked at it. The knowledge troops, led by Major General Education, were on the right hand side of the subconscious mind focusing attentively towards the half demolished trenches of Ignorance troops infront of them. Both sides were trying to hold control of the mountain located northwest direction. It was easy to tell why the troops are trying to do so because the mountain was not only strategically located but also has important light pillars which determined the degree and intensity of light of the whole area.

I was sent by the United Nations of my Insides, so as a special correspondent I had a balanced view of the war and I had every right of interviewing everyone in the war-whether a soldier or a commander. I interviewed Mr. Ignorance first.

“Okay, Mr. Ignorance. Could you tell me what the purpose of this war is and what results are you reaping so far?” I asked him.

“You know what; all my life I have had one big ideology which says that the more one knows, the more he is suspicious and susceptible to things. If we compare today’s generations with the previous ones, the previous generations were more happy because they knew little and because they embraced this perfect ideology of myself. For example if you have gone over the suicide reports of the UN, you will find that people commit suicide because of some complicated new ideologies of life. All this problems that we see today is directly related to knowledge. Where there is knowledge there is an urge to discover new things and this creates suspicion and discomfort. And for all we know there is no happiness and comfort where there is suspicion. In other words, knowledge destroys happiness-the main point of life. Our aim, therefore, is to free our king-the one who sent you here-from knowledge and its consequences once and for all.”

Mr. Ignorance made himself crystal clear and I need not to question him anymore.i can’t say it was pleasant to meet him anyway. As I had to get a balanced, two-sided report, I set out to interview Major General Knowledge.

When Major General Knowledge saw me coming to him, he greeted me cheerfully with a smile on his face.

“Welcome! You know I have been expecting you,” he said to me.

“Yeah you are right. I was a little bit busy with work and some other activities these days. That is why you didn’t see me for a while,” I answered him.

“What in the world are you talking about? Don’t you know you can’t do anything without me? Did you forget that it was I who made you realize who you are and be confident in yourself?” From his looks, he was a little bit angry.

“To tell you the truth Major General, I have been coming to this war zone for several times. However, I don’t understand neither the purpose nor the goal.I don’t get it.For example, when I first came here,you weren’t doing much of the activities you are today. Why is that?” It was my first question to him and I have never seen anybody answering with utmost confidence and without hesitation.

“The fact that we weren’t as much active as we are today is nothing but we wanted to train our brave troops you see today the way we want them to be.For this process to succeed, our first target was the mind,and we have done it by teaching the brain cells the language of education. I can’t say it was an easy job but we succeeded alright.This teaching project took around five years.The next thing we did was maintaining the brain cells and further training them skillfully so that we can efficiently control and enlarge our territories of the mind of our king.For all we know the more we possess the wealth and riches of education, the more we are powerful and flexible. This is our secret for our success today.”

I was amazed at his skillfully chosen strategy, and yet he didn’t finish. Infact he was showing me the general structure of the front and respective placements of the troops as we talked.

“The soldiers at the right wing of the front came from outside as an aid with their modern weapons. They are contributing immensely and working with them has been a wonderful experience. The soldiers at the middle of the trenches are natives. They know this place very well and many of them served as spies and intelligence operatives on many occasions. And the soldiers at the left wing of the front are the youngest but the most efficient. Most of them were born during this war.”

He was silent for a while, until I asked him another question.

“What is the meaning of this war to you and what results are you reaping at the moment?”

It was a while before he answered, “we are saints my friend, laying down our lives for the greater good of our king. For our king to know himself it is mandatory for him to know the language of his insides and I am the language. If he wants to go wherever he wants to, he needs to have light and I am the light. In short, I am his only way to answer his questions in life. I enable him to see every corner of his life because I have eyes looking in every dimension. Look around you. Everything is hopeful and flourishing. Now our aim is to light up the light pillars on that mountain, and our self generated energy will do it so. I am sure that once it is lighted up, it will give services beyond anybody’s imaginations. I assure you, there is going to be light beyond the space. But for all this to be true, the enemy we are fighting should totally be destroyed. Because that is the law is nature: ‘No one will live while the other survives.’ So it is either us or them. I can’t tell you how much time we need exactly, but our victory is inevitable. We have already taken control of their stronghold-the mind, and we have planted land mines and bombs all over their strategic areas. The only remaining task is to destroy them one by one completely. At last, I want to give you our slogan as a gift for yourself: education is the progress to discover the ignorance of our king.”

While I was meditating the slogan, I found myself asking the last question that popped up in my mind.

“As I have mentioned earlier, principles of Mr. Ignorance doesn’t match with your principles at all. And I have seen many people who follow the principles of Mr.Ignorance. What do you comment on that?”

He started answering calmly, “Happiness in life is in relation to what you believe, and how you see things around you.It is bounded by those factors. If we take the lives of the primitive people as an example, we can’t say that they lived the happiest life because they were not used to creating sophisticated ideas.They just had views which made them think that they got all they need. But the main question is ‘who is living life the easiest way?’ And the answer is obvious I think.He who has eyes looking in every dimension, he who is fully equipped with knowledge is living life the easiest way.”

I was amazed and astonished at his explicit, more than enough explanation and it wasn’t long before I ran to write and prepare my report on the general issue.And somewhere, deep down inside me were his words imprinted. ”I am the light to his ways, eyes for him to see and language for him to speak the dialects of life!!!”


Translated by: NOH MEAHO

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