As Young bear grows…….

Most of happenings, the environment determines a creature’s actuality. Mother Nature creatures flicker contempt toward obstacles, non-doubtable. In a sense no being tends to feel affection toward difficulty but abandonment, from the colossal to even the tiniest mortal being. A creation in this world struggles to survive, with holding gift bestowed or adapted. Intelligent species use wisdom to outrun a problem; likely the strong beings seize priority through strength. But amazingly the orb we living is balance, one’s power could be once weakness and contradictory, ornamenting beautifully life to be stable. Over all it is who took control over life and survives longer than those feeble ones. Only Weapon clutched, what nature has painted over the living. On the battle ground even your mother nature, the creator, can unleash problems; Technical speaking, battle of siblings. Desperate creatures struggling to survive and weak beings widening the noose attempt to live longer, becomes a common witness. Finally the lucky ones stood to inhale the next breath, but no one knows, for how long?

Once upon a time deep inside a forest among many different species, lives a young bear. His mother was the only guidance left, his father couldn’t make it on the arena, fight for survival. Well one morning the mother thought, it is time for the young bear to notice and learn how to survive. Obviously, hate and discomfort conquer the young bear’s feelings, as no new apprentice enjoys lessons but to cut the chase at the beginning. Early stage is always unaware of the pending consequence and difficulties. But older generation guides the fresh to the reality beyond world of fantasies, and that is how the circle rounds.

“My son, today I am going to teach you how to swim!” said the wise mother to her sleepy cub.

“Why we need to swim, we could just stay terrestrial!!” replied the young immature bear, leaning to the ground.

“SON, The world we living is full of surprises, we do things for the present and incoming. Things can change unexpectedly and become harsh sometimes, but then running is not an option. Instead you face your enemy and gain experience. You cultivate the future from the present, dark and selfish present infers blurred vision of prospect. If you fail to win over your hindrance in time of combat, then nature got no place for losers. Do you want to be a loser?” inspired the wise mother.

“No I don’t want to be a loser!!” cried the young bear.

“Very well my son. Today the long bumpy road starts.” added the mother.

“What is at the end of the road?” asked the young bear curiously.

“Glory and invincible combat waits at the end of the road.”

“Invincible combat?” the young bear was super confused.

“You will see son. But today let’s set a foot of first walk on the road.” The mother ended the conversation ignoring his confusion.

Well! It was difficult day for the bear, sinking and floating all day long. As his mother advices perfection is acquired through repetition not dreaming. Vulnerability to the world first stings like a bite, but with time you got used to it and starts to achieve glory. Today at least you felt test of the water and tomorrow to the next level of experience, as finally you be the best swimmer of our habitat. The young bear still frustrated and wet looked at his mother’s eyes and felt compelled quivering the water off his fur. The next day, the young bear gained confidence and starts disrupting the water, he stood splashing, and then sank fully to the water. His mother comes spreading some tricks. The young bear finally seem to float and reach the other side of bank, all by himself. Joy took the young hairy face of the new swimmer and couldn’t get enough of his new ability.

The whole week, the young bear spend his time with the river; gained perfection starts to add some tricks. After months passed the wise mother awake her cub another morning and told him to prepare, analyzing another experience of ability, fishing and hiding.

“I can do fishing!!” replied the young bear.

“Of course, but not from the upstream.” spoke the mother gently.

“Why do we have to fish from the upstream? We got the flowing river, right under our den.”          Cried the young bear.

“SON, Life is not always easy; you should build your craft before the storm, only fear can be created during an obstacle. Taking lessons in your young age is not a loss but gain, and trust me time will come, where we need to fish from the upstream and use your education. There is always time to use your experience. The parent guides but not forever, age of your individuality will come and I won’t be there to feed and protect you. And independence comes with practice rebuffing egoistic character.”

“But all my friends fish from the surface, and besides I might fall of the cliff!” replied the young bear foolishly.

“You can’t always depend on the sharp knife, there is time where it gets weaken, even the crowd could be wrong sometimes, but you don’t have to follow, instead work for change. And change starts through an individual, you. What will cost you if you are with abilities in good times, nothing. Rather in testing conditions your potential abilities starts to glow and seize the throne more than anyone else of your peers. Mistakes and discomfort augments our strength. Of course you might fall of the cliff, but you should stood and learn from your mistake. And mistakes are key builders to capability; one mistake infers putting a brick to the wall of experience. Overall you can’t fetch perfection without blunders. ” explained the wise mother cautiously.

The young encouraged bear stood energetic as usual, convinced by his mother. Spend standing at the cliff catching fish up stream and fall several times making big splashes down below, but climb all the way up and try again as his mother stood beside him, motivating. Watching his peers play and enjoy the beautiful day while he struggles with exhaustion triggered the young bear to learn speedily, so he can share a piece of fun with his friends. And within short period of time the young bear starts to grow, encapsulating so many abilities vital for surviving including swimming running fighting even hunting. As time of his mother’s words approached, where he no more need guidance but instead feed and protects his mother.

One day on a beautiful luminous day, the bear and his mother were enjoying a walk through the quite cozy forest. Both laughing and playing they seem to enjoy the day among the wet green woodland. The bear now fully developed seem to love speaking much about his time of learning as his mother brings funny events of his early stage. Walking and talking the mother and her grown bear come up to a fenced forest with some bipedal creatures running toward them. Both the bear and his mother run away from the hunters in hurry, facing ups and downs the mother finally couldn’t do it. She was tired and exhausted breathing hard as the humans were not that far to approach.

“Mom we are there….mom just a little bit.” Screamed the bear.

“I am tired!” replied the mother of fatigue.

“But the river is just ahead MOM.”

“Son… What I said at the end of the road, the glory and battle of every creature is, time. If you face the final round of combat with time, you are lucky enough to lose at the right period. And no matter how wise, no matter how strong, no one escapes time. And time always wins. I guess this is my defeat; I am so old to run and cross that river. But your road starts now, go and face the world with your wisdom and abilities. Today is your graduation to be in your own, son!!”

“But mom …… I can’t leave you here.”

“Listen to me son! We can’t lose two lives because of the other. You are fresh new and young. the beauty of life awaits you, just run!!!” she yelled with her last words.

The bear unsatisfied looking his back, starts to run away crying in to the middle of the forest, as he heard a loud boom sound along his mother’s final roar, that interrupted his escape and stood still crying in awkwardness. But finally found the courage to run as fast as he can, joining his own kind and started his own new unsupported life, guiding the whole community of his awareness, education and experience.


Samuel Asmelash

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