NUEYS Held Its Semi-Annual Meeting

NUEYS conducted its semi-annual assessment meeting on the 27th-28th July 2017. At the event where different officials and members of the Union were present, the semi-annual activities of the Union were analyzed and future strategic plans of the year were discussed. Moreover, administrators and the heads of the various departments and regions of the Union presented their reports regarding the activities that took place in the past six months.DSC_0038 - Copy

The Union considered and discussed the progress that has been made over the months in comparison to the accomplishments it has achieved. Some of the topics that were raised at the meeting were about building and strengthening the young Keyahti Enbeba, vanguards, and cadres besides motivating and giving the regular political courses, supporting youth with small amount of loans, and the regular festival of the Institutions of Higher Education. Furthermore, the meeting also took time to elaborate on the improvement of the youth workers’ activities, participation of the youth on the national development activities, and on the building up of the Union’s relationship with its partners.

Mr. Salh Ahmedin, Chairperson of NUEYS, in the speech he delivered said that, “The Union has been working hard to succeed in realizing its vision.” He added that the meeting evaluated and discussed the current obstacles the youth are facing and the great opportunities they have. Mr. Salh also underlined that the pervious strategic plans were a success and similar outcome is expected in the upcoming semi-annual strategic plans. The chairman also said that the role of the Union’s partners and the society in general in strengthening NUEYS aims is fundamental.

The NUEYS concluded its meeting agreeing to work hard on its activities and on increasing the political awareness and participation of the youth in the coming six months.

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