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170 youth from the Aseba Region and the Diaspora conducted a one day tour to the dams of Tekera and Mislam. The central office of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students indicated that the tour is part and parcel of the ‘Zura Ni Hagerga’ project. The report also explains that such tours are organized based on individual requests of visiting the ongoing national development drive.

The ‘Zura Ni Hagerga’ project has scheduled similar tours to different parts of the country. Last May similar a one-day tour was conducted on the request of youth from the Diaspora.

Upon their arrival to the strategic dams of Tekera and Mislam the 170 youth, received briefings and explanations from professionals about the importance of the dams.

Since its instigations the ‘Zura Ni Hagerga’ project has overseen thousands of tours, versatile in kind and number.tour to dams

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