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They say geniuses are just born that way, already a genius. And if you are one of them it means you were born with a talent that makes you do incredible things in such an easy way that other people might fall in the false belief that they can do it too. But how can we define what exactly a genius is? What is it that makes us look at someone and say `that is a true talent.’

Does it mean that only some percentage of the humanity is destined to success while the rest is the audience?

I would like to disagree with that and believe that we are all born with individual talents that make us unique in our own way and define us in our society. I don’t reckon there can be two characters with the same capacity for inventiveness that can build similar great works. We all have a space in this, now getting every day smaller, beautiful world. And it’s up to us to know how to occupy it. You can possibly crawl into a hole and curl up like a cub to sleep in an eternal hibernation or you can dance all over your space changing it into your garden where you can blossom your fruits.

Every society needs each time a different kind of creativity that can help shape it and build an even more powerful generation that will last tall and strong for ever throughout the centuries.

In our society so far, we have had so many talented and artistic people in the course of the ages that it comes as no surprise to find each day someone surfacing once more from the mass through his works, bewildering everyone and yet making it all look so simple and easy to achieve.

And what is extraordinary about this people is that they pick the smallest jobs you can think of and change them into huge successful carriers and nobody will remember that it was that same job that no one thought of before.

Let me give you an example; let say your neighbour is a tailor and you grew up going to him to repair your worn clothes or cut trousers. What would you say to him if instead of just repairing your old dress he gave you back a completely changed dress? Would you be happy? Would you want to pay for this little touch of creativity? Or would you complain that you just needed the hole in your back pockets fixed and not those little red fires on both your back pockets?

I will tell you about this talented person that I admire and you be the judge of it. He grew up watching his mother fixing and repairing clothes with her sewing machine that he picked up his inspiration from there. He started to sew at first his own clothes in the 8th grade, fixing them and gradually changing them. After learning how to sew well, to create his designs was an easy step. His first creation was in the 10th grade when he came up with a new style of trousers for himself but surprisingly caught the attention of his classmate whom after learning the truth about it wanted some for themselves too.

The next thing for him to do was to somehow learn more about this new world he was taking baby steps into. And while going to school he started working part time as a tailor. At the beginning it was only male outfits until he got into the business properly. Then he realised that not only woman’s clothing was more profitable but there is always different styles to work on. People want to wear customary outfits for any celebratory events, especially these days women want to wear traditional dresses in not so traditional occasions. So most of his works are traditional dresses mixed up with modern styles. His motto is that a designer has to come up with diverse creative designs. That way the designer stands up to the expectations of the customers and is able to satisfy not only them but also himself.

From numerous fashion shows locally he has moved up to franchising his business inside and outside the country, opening up a branch in Dubai.  In expanding his business now he owns a shop with two show rooms and one boudoir, working place in the U.A.E.. You may have guessed by now whom I am talking about, it’s none other than Mulugeta Belay a.k.a. Muller.

What he has achieved is no small thing especially while starting up a family at the same time, in fact Muller is happily married to his beautiful bride and mother of their three children Muzit Mehari.

 A man of hard work with a dream in the heart and the tenacity needed to achieve it through persistent effort and mostly the belief that you can make it no matter how difficult it might get.

And if you need any suggestions or a way to reach him, you can find him on his website where he advertises his shop and his products.

There is no small or big profession, only small or big thinkers. It’s all up to us to determine our lives and our success.

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