Eritrea Sudan Popular Friendship visit to Eritrea

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The Eritrea-Sudan Popular Friendship Group is on a visit to Eritrea, starting from the 22nd to the 28th of July.

The 18 member group’s visit to Eritrea is aimed at enhancing popular relationship between the people of Eritrea and Sudan.

Chairperson of the National Union of Eritrean Youth and Students, Mr. Saleh Ahmedin, held a meeting with the Sudanese delegation on the 24th of July. In a congratulatory speech he delivered Mr Salih said that the Eritrea-Sudan Popular Friendship visit to Eritrea is an attest to the strategic, diplomatic and popular friendship the people of Eritrea and Sudan have. He went on to express his delight in welcoming them to Eritrea and expressed the union’s readiness to assist their visit.

Mentioning that they feel “as Eritrea is a second home to the Sudanese people”, representative of the visiting group asserted that they will work further to strengthen bilateral ties between the people of Eritrea and Sudan.

“This is my third visit to Eritrea, and just like the first one, I have received a warm welcome. Our group aims at strengthening sisterly ties between the people of Eritrea and Sudan. It is based on the solid cohesion of the two countries; it has neither politically nor religiously biased intents,” said the head of the visiting delegation Mr. Abd-el-Kader Hammed.

Director of the NUEYS’s Foreign Affairs, Mr. Daniel Iyasu, explained that the union aims in setting conducive platform for the visiting team.  Mr. Daniel further explained that the volunteers’ delegation is mainly engaged in social unions, culture and sports and higher institutions of education.

The delegation, which is composed by academicians, business people, sports’ personnel and journalists, has visited historical sites in Asmara and Massawa.

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