My name is Kebron Abraha and I live in Frankfurt, Germany. I’m currently in 12th grade and I will be finishing high school in 2018. For me it was clear from the beginning that I want to do my work experience in Eritrea. The NUEYS head office helped me a lot to find a perfect job that suits my wishes which was getting assigned to a political science department of the Union.

On the first week I worked within the Foreign Affairs Department of NUEYS and I had a great experience within the department and was able to know a lot about other international youth organizations. Furthermore, I met many people from different sectors such as from the UN offices in Eritrea. This provided me with the opportunity to learn about the projects that are implemented in Eritrea, and those which are being planned.

The Department of Foreign Affairs also invited me to a meeting that was held with a Finish delegation. I met the Finish high level delegates and exchanged experience with them. I also met an Eritrean volunteer student from Great Britain in the cadre course that was given by NUEYS Zoba Maekel. The course focuses on politics and Eritrean history. During the course I met many Eritrean high-school students and shared different views as well.

Apart from this, during a two day trip to Massawa, I was able to observe the high preparations made for the 27th anniversary of Fenkil Operation that was held in mid February 2017.

Visiting a family in Eritrea is always a special occasion and makes everyone happy; so, during my stay in Eritrea, I spent my spare time with my family. I often went with my cousins and friends downtown and enjoyed many beautiful cafés in Asmara. We also did different activities like visiting the Bowling and video game centers.

I really advise all Eritrean Diaspora youth to have their own experience here in the homeland and get experienced as a volunteer. In addition to this, one can also learn about the Eritrean society as a whole when their are assigned in any department in the country.

There is a lot of potential for you to get experienced in Eritrea. Hence, if you want to share or expand your knowledge, contact NUEYS. Such work experience might shape your future in many ways.

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