NUEYS Zoba Debub provides trainings for about 300 youth

NUEYS Zoba Debub, in collaborations with its partners, provided vocational trainings for 298 youths in different parts of Zoba Debub. The trainings were given to needy youth in order to help them solve their current economic problems.


“Most of the trainings that have been given since September 2016 have been completed and trainees were certified last week,” said head of the project office of NUEYS Zoba Debub. Priority is given to the youth with major economic problems.

The vocational trainings were given in seven subzones of Zoba Debun such as Medefera, Dekemhare, Dbarwa and others. According to the report of NUEYS Zoba Debub, seven different types of trainings were given.

Finishing their trainings, some of the youth has applied for loans that would enable them establish a small business of their own. A NUEYS sole partner in these trainings was UNDP.

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