NUEYS Provides Trainings for its Volunteer members

As part of empowering media works of the Union, the NUEYS provided a ten days training to members of the Radio Numa’s Hotline Program, Counselling Through the Phone, and columnists in the Hadas Eritrea newspaper. The training that was given by professionals included: creating awareness on digital media, art of translation, communication skills, script writing, studio management and basic communication principles.
The 25 trainees are volunteers who have been working on Hotline programs in Radio Numa, counselling on the phone and What Would You Advice Me column in Hadas Eritrea newspaper.
Similarly, a ten day’s training on the basic knowledge of communication was given to the Hdri and Wari children’s cultural groups. The 30 children who attended the training, would be able to attend their academic learning and be inspired to acquire a skill while young.
Members of Wari and Hdri children’s cultural group has been running children’s programs in the national media outlets for a long time.
All trainees will receive their certifications tomorrow 28 Oct. 2016.

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