Youth Festival encourages Innovation and Modification works

Asmara July 9 – More than 60 projects of innovation and modification will be presented during the Seventh Youth Festival in Sawa, head of the innovation Committee told

Engineer Luel Kidane said that most of this year’s innovation and modification works focus on Mechanical, Electromechanical, electrical and electronics, computer software – hardware and software – as well as Chemical and Civil engineering Research papers.

When the office of Innovation and Modification at the NUEYS called for the competition, 102 projects were registered from all parts of the country. “Out of these, 61 won the competition and will be displayed for the public during the Festival.”

“What makes this year’s Innovation and Modification project unique is the participation of the young and female competitors,” said Engineer Luel. For the first time ten females brought their innovative works for the competition.

 According to the report of the Committee, 46 of the registered competitors were from colleges, 13 from vocational training centers, and 43 were below high school.

Some of the major objectives of the Innovation and Modification Project include: increasing science and technology awareness among the youth; presenting the innovative and creative skill of the youth in a scientific way; sharing of experience among the youth and empowering more youngsters.

“The government of Eritrea believes that and advanced and skilled youth plays a central role in nation building. Human resource development is, therefore, a priority of the Government,” said Engineer Luel.

The Seventh National Youth Festival will be held under the theme, “The Youth, the Core of the Turning Point.”

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