More youths from the Diaspora registers for the 7th Eri-Youth Festival

Asmara, 8 July 2016 – More than one thousand Eritrean youth from the Diaspora are expected to participate in the seventh Eri-youth festival. The NUEYS Department of Foreign Affairs said that registration of the youth from Europe, America, Middle East, and Africa and other different part of the world is being carried out successfully.Registration

Registrations are being undertaken in person and through online. The number of participants could increase during the last days of registration.

“About 120 youths who have completed their secondary education abroad will receive the Sawa Award during the festival,” said head of the Foreign Affairs Department at NUEYS Mr Daniel Iyasu said that the festival could strengthen the youth attachment to their people and country.

Volunteers from the Diaspora are carrying out the registration activates at the NUEYS headquarters. “Each community will actively participate in all aspects of the Festival – from registration till the end of the three-day festival. The active participation of the volunteers is recommendable,” said Mr. Daniel.

During the registration, orientation and travel information is given to the participants. This year seven Diaspora committees have been established to follow and ensure full participation of their respective members and accommodations available.

During the Festival, the youth from the Diaspora will participate in different cultural and competition activities. The youth community from the Sudan will host its own cultural troop show. The youth from Saudi Arabia will take part in the football and basketball competitions while those from America and Europe will join the basketball race.

“Every community will display an exhibition that depicts its activities. This is a festival that strengthens national pride and brings the youth together in sharing experience, learning the achievement gained and the challenges met during the last two years,” said the head of the Foreign Affairs Department.

The registration will continue till the 12th of July. The Seventh National Youth Festival will be held in Sawa from 15 to 17 July this year.

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